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Indian Doctors for Ethical Practice (IDEP)

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

- are a network of ‘Doctors for De-commercialised, Ethical & Rational Health Care’

We are speaking on behalf of the large number of conscientious, rational doctors in India with a sense of anguish and distress regarding the state of medical practice in India today.

We are worried about:

Deteriorating ethical standards in private medical practice, and stark commercialisation of this once a noble profession(Rising incidences of malpractices, irrational investigations, unnecessary procedures and surgeries, kickbacks).Adversarial relationship between patients and doctors leading to insecurity among doctors.

We want to bring back:

The healthy and harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. This can only be achieved by

  • Checking corporatization of health care.

  • Regulation and rationalisation of fee structure in private medical colleges.

  • Regulation of pharma industry, equipment industry and consumables (Stents etc).

  • Solving the practical problems of rational doctors – like high handed implementation of PCPNDT in which many honest doctors have suffered.

  • Capping the amount of compensation in medico legal cases.

  • Honouring patients’ rights, transparency regarding charges and for readiness to give enough time to patients and answer their queries.

  • Following standard treatment guidelines prepared by organisations in India with due consideration for local constraints.

  • Bringing in Clinical establishment act that would protect honest and ethical doctors and would not bring in corrupt Baburaj.

  • Reconstitution of Medical Council of India on democratic lines, and bringing Corporate Hospitals under the control of MCI.

We have a dream - to bring Universal Health Care in India like that in UK/ Canada/ Thailand.

Article by Dr Arun Gadre, MD (OBGY) Pune, Maharashtra and Dr Sanjay Nagral, Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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