What do they gain by doing so?

Pharmaceutical companies providing freebies to clinicians are actually not free but bear very huge cost. However, the question from whom they recover the cost. The answer is quite simple. It is none other than the patients to whom we, clinicians prescribe those medicines. Pharmaceutical companies all over the world including in India make humongous profits by:

  • overpricing medicines which could be several thousand times more than the production cost including the money spent on research and development.

  • flooding market with unnecessary and irrational medicines


But the fact is pharmaceutical companies cannot do these malpractices without the cooperation of the clinicians. The consequence of this is that the ordinary citizens who are most vulnerable as patients and completely at the mercy of the treating doctors / dentists / pharmacists are forced to bear unnecessary medication and grave financial loss which pushes a majority of them in perpetual poverty from which it extremely difficult to recover.


The objective of medical treatment should be healing. Not pushing patients to unnecessary medical care and financial catastrophe. A patient shouldn't buy a bottle of tonic from the money he saved by missing four meals!


The time has come for us to form a forum of conscientious and ethical medical / dental / pharmacists practitioners denounce this unholy cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and revitalise our medical profession to the glory it had as a “Noble profession”, and to exhibit ourselves as care givers of the humanity altruistically.


It is not very difficult to regain the missing grandeur if we begin to bring back ethics in our clinical work and be guided by the treatment protocols according to the standard text books.


This forum is a small beginning by some clinicians and community health workers (doctors / dentists / pharmacists) in India to make sincere efforts for building an interactive forum of clinical care providers.